Upcoming Events
  1. Mission Trip – Indianapolis

    June 25 - June 30
  2. Trip to the Root Beer Stand

    July 9
  3. Drive-In Movie

    July 31
  4. Choir Camp

    August 7 - August 11
  5. Fall Lock-In

    August 11 - August 12

Welcome to NSM’s Website! Here you’ll find lots of news about our events, regular programming, leadership, and how God has been and continues to be active with our student ministry program.

If any of your questions about our program or scheduling have not been answered by this site, please feel free to contact our Director of Student Ministry, Janelle Heying.

NSM believes in being a steady presence in the ever-changing lives of students, dedicated to walking alongside them and encouraging personal and spiritual growth through service and community experiences.

Here at NSM we believe that our program should be:

1. Making disciples and deepening the faith of our youth.
a. We look at what it means to be a Christian in our world today and how faith and life relate, tackling the deeper
questions to help students grow in their faith in practical ways.

2. Multi-generational and fully intergraded with other ministries and the community life of the church.
a. This may be through whole church events (which will be incorporated into Sunday evening programming once a
month), service, mission trips, interacting with leaders, etc. Our goal is to share our gifts with the larger
church body and community, as well as take advantage of the gifts and opportunities God offers us through others.

3. A service centered program.
a. Every month we incorporate some sort of service event. This gets us out helping others in our community and learning what it feels like to be the hands and feet of Christ.

4. Built on relationships
a. We want to be a relational ministry and we recognize the importance of interacting with others and how God uses
that to draw us closer to Him while building foundations for further growth in faith. This happens through
invested leaders who meet students where they are at, by creating the space for relationships to flourish in a
safe atmosphere, and by inviting God to be present in all relational interactions.

Feel free to contact with any questions
If you are planning on coming to any events please be sure to fill out our Parental Release Form: Northminster Presbyterian Parental Consent and Liability Release Form NEW