Northminster Presbyterian Church

Northminster Student Ministries is a part of Northminster Presbyterian Church. It is awesome being able to be part of such an amazing church family. Their website can be found here:

    The Mission Statement of Northminster Presbyterian Church is: To Grow faith, Share Hope, and Show Love

    Northminsters Vision: Northminster Presbyterian Church will be a dynamic, growing mission outpost for God. We will be making disciples: individuals growing in faith, sharing the Good News and hope of Jesus Christ, and showing the love that flows from God’s grace. As Christ-followers, we will seek to embody the principles of Romans 12 and be knit together in a distinctive way of life that is a part of our witness. Our congregation will be internally strong and externally focused. Northminster will be known more and more for welcoming, serving, and reflecting our diverse community. We will be using our God-given strengths and offering ourselves through hands-on mission in the Northern Hills of Cincinnati and beyond.